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Areola Repigmentation

Partial or completely re-pigmented areolas and/or nipple illusion for breast cancer survivors - SAAVE Cancer Program Member and volunteer.

5 Star ReviewA friend recommended DeEtte Balfourd because I wanted to have complete re-pigmentation of my areolas and nipples following breast reconstruction. ( I had a double mastectomy following breast cancer the previous year.) DeEtte has over 23 years of experience and the results are amazing. I have very fair skin and was worried that the tattooing would not result in a natural look with the right colors. I did not need to worry. Over two sessions DeEtte consulted with me every step of the way which resulted in a very natural look that I love - and so does my husband. I was so impressed that I went back to her at a later time to have my eye brows tattooed so they would be permanent. I was tired of drawing my eye brows on every morning and having them smudge off during the day. Again DeEtte worked closely with me over two sessions to get just the right shape and color. I am very happy with the results!        ~ Marsha L.

Areola Repigmentation